The cemetery is the final resting place for a loved one. In order for the bond developed through life to continue in the afterlife, many families prefer to be buried in the same cemetery. It’s also common for married couples to arrange for burial in the same cemetery plot. The double Jewish monument allows couples to be buried with a bashert, a lifelong partner. Read on to learn how the double monument ordering process works, and how the second side is inscribed later on.


Ordering a Double Jewish Monument

The time after a loved one passes away can be busy and involve making lots of arrangements. While some people choose to pre-plan a Jewish monument, others take care of this process after a loved one passes away. When this loved one is your spouse, it may make sense to order a double monument.

Many couples that share a long and happy partnership discuss this question at some point. In addition to helping loved ones share a resting place, this arrangement has several other benefits. Sharing a Jewish headstone is a financially smart decision, as the cost is cheaper than two single monuments. It can also make visiting more convenient for family members.

Some people choose to pre-plan a monument, but many people do not order a monument for their loved one until after they pass away.

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How Are Double Jewish Headstones Designed?

The layout of the headstone inscription can vary based on the particular choices made by the family.

Last Name

Most couples who choose this option share a last name. So, unlike single monuments, the last name is placed at the top of the double monument, apart from the rest of the inscription. The rest of the inscription is specific to each partner, and placed on either side.

First Name

The first name for each individual is inscribed at the top of both sides of the monument. Sometimes, the first name will be preceded by the Hebrew phrase “ פּ״נ”, which translates to “Here lies”. Depending on personal preference, the name may also be inscribed in Hebrew.


There are a wide variety of Jewish Symbols Jewish symbols that have meaning and significance on headstones. On double Jewish monuments, it’s common to place symbols on either side of the last name, between the two sides of the monument, or alongside the individual’s first name. However, this decision is left up to the family. Common Jewish headstone symbols include the Menorah, the Star of David, and the Torah.

Family Relationships

When creating the inscription for a double Jewish headstone, many families choose to include the relationships of the deceased. For example, grandparents may have “beloved grandfather” inscribed on the headstone. This reminds visitors of the role that they played in life.


The birth and death dates signify the beginning and end of life on earth. While this placement can vary, they are generally placed below either the name, or the relationships.


An epitaph can offer a meaningful insight into one’s life through a quote, poem, snippet of scripture, or song lyrics. On double Jewish headstones, the epitaph is placed below everything else. Depending on the size of the monument, the couple might instead have one epitaph at the bottom.


How Is the Second Side of a Double Jewish Monument Inscribed?

For families who choose to order a double Jewish headstone, this is a common question. Because the headstone is placed in the ground after the first person passes away, the second side of the headstone is not always inscribed. At the very least, it will not have the date of death. These details can be added without removing the monument from the cemetery.

Our monument engravers can match the style of the existing text and add in the new lettering. Before doing so, they will render a proof of how the finished monument will appear, to ensure accuracy.


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Fox Monuments is wholly committed to helping families make arrangements with minimal difficulty. Our staff is dedicated to helping you create a lasting and fitting monument that will commemorate your loved one.