Jewish tombstone

Matzeivah: The Jewish Headstone

When someone in the Jewish community dies, it is important to mark their passing with a headstone. This is known as a Matzeivah in Hebrew. A Matzeivah can be simple or ornate, depending on the person’s life and death. At Fox Monuments, we specialize in creating Jewish headstones and etching inscriptions onto them. We provide…

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Proper Attire at Jewish Funerals

Interestingly, a common question that many people ask about Jewish funeral services involves the best attire. Obviously, this is a question we ask ourselves on a daily basis – what should we wear? For most occasions, we have a pretty general idea of the best way to dress. However, when there’s been a profound loss…

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Jewish Monument Buying Guide

In the Jewish tradition, it’s customary to make arrangements for a loved one’s funeral and burial immediately following death. This can be an emotionally distressing time, between contacting family members, friends, all while coping with your loss. And, while pre-planning your Jewish monument is the ideal route, this is not always a financial or logistical…

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Jewish Monuments: 4 Signs They Need Cleaning

In Judaism, paying respects to deceased family members and friends is paramount. Observing the Yahrzeit is one way that Jewish people do this. Holding a proper Jewish monument unveiling ceremony is another way that Jewish people pay respects to their families. As Jewish monuments weather over time, they can become quite worn. In this blog…

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How to Avoid Emotional Overspending for Funeral Services

When a loved one dies, you may feel compelled to make a grand gesture, to show how much you loved them. This can lead to spending a lot of money on their Jewish funeral, depleting savings or even falling into debt. Elements like casket selection, flowers, or obituaries can all add up. As a result,…

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Jewish mourning

3 Common Mistakes of Memorial Planning

Planning a funeral or memorial service is never easy, but after the loss of a loved one it is unavoidable. Naturally, during such a difficult time, making mistakes is a fairly common occurrence. In this post, we’ve come up with three common memorial planning mistakes you should avoid making. These apply whether you’re preplanning a…

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Older woman with family member

10 Things You Should Know About Jewish Funerals

In the Jewish tradition, there’s no honor more sacred than helping to bury someone, because it is a favor that cannot be returned. Also, it’s an honor people often avoid: death is frightening, graves are sad, and loss is painful. Of course, Jewish funeral etiquette is slightly different from secular or Christian American customs. In…

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Lit Yahrzeit candle

Journaling Through Grief: Five Ways It Can Help

Dealing with the loss of a loved one feels nearly impossible during difficult moments following their passing. As confusing as it is devastating, grieving can completely upend life as we know it. Therefore, you can never discover too many ways to navigate a loss or develop new coping skills. In fact, journaling is a simple,…

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3 Ways to Offer Condolences to a Jewish Loved One

Within Judaism, losing someone you love isn’t only about mourning. In addition, this period of bereavement is about reflection, family and faith. At Fox Monuments, we’ve done all we can to provide support and guidance to Long Island’s Jewish community for several decades. Part of our mission is to ease the stress and difficulty of…

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5 Things to Know About Jewish Loss

The ways in which a Jew observes and celebrates Judaism are many. There is a variety of observation levels on Long Island. At Fox Monuments, we can assist you with every detail. Whether you are Orthodox, Conservative, or Reformed, we have the perfect monument for your loved one. The sages once said that to be…

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