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5 Reasons to Pre-Plan Your Jewish Monument

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At Fox Monuments, providing Long Island’s Jewish community with unforgettable monuments that honor their lives and faith is a part of our central mission. We have years of experience guiding our clients through difficult times and ensuring a smooth and stress-free process. We understand that for many people, making arrangements toward the end of life can be uncomfortable and disheartening. Creating a will, selecting beneficiaries and downsizing to a smaller living space can be very challenging. However, making these arrangements, along with pre-planning a Jewish monument, is important for your peace of mind, and your family’s welfare.

In this post, we’ll discuss five reasons you should pre-plan a Jewish monument. For this reasons and more, pre-planning is significantly preferable to having your family make arrangements following your passing.


1. Decide How Your Legacy Will be Told

After the passing of a relative, it’s common for families to gather and discuss the details of the Jewish headstone. This isn’t a straightforward process, and there are several matters to consider.

  • How should you phrase the headstone inscription describing your relationships to family members?
  • Is there an epitaph that’s meaningful to your life? Epitaphs are often taken from scripture or memorial readings. However, literary quotes and song lyrics are also common options.
  • Is there a particular cemetery you have in mind for burial?
  • Should you include any headstone symbols like the Star of David or a Menorah?
  • Do you have a preference for the headstone material?

When you pre-plan your Jewish monument, you’re deciding all of this yourself. The way that you present this information can affect how people remember you when they visit your headstone. So, pre-planning your Jewish monument means that you can shape this experience.

This also removes an enormous burden from your family in a few ways. First, they avoid the timely and difficult process of discussing this information and arriving at a collective decision. Second, your family members will be confident in knowing that they didn’t make a mistake or violate your wishes. This is a priceless assurance, especially during such a stressful time.


2. Make Decisions With Your Spouse

In the Jewish tradition, it’s common for people to rest alongside their loved ones. Double Jewish headstones enable people to continue sharing their lifelong bond, even in the afterlife. Pre-planning a Jewish monument with your spouse will allow you to be unanimous in all these decisions.

Because both of you will have input in the inscriptions and layout, you’ll both maintain total confidence that the Jewish headstone will be a proper and fitting memorial.

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3. Spare Your Family A Burden

When a loved one passes away, it’s often the most stressful time for families. This is especially true following a loved one’s unexpected passing. They’ll have to contact other family members and friends, plan the memorial service, make arrangements with a funeral home, and possibly travel great distances.

On top of all of this stress, they have to order a Jewish monument. Therefore, pre-planning your monument eliminates this responsibility during an already-challenging time.


4. Cover the Expense

For many families, financing funeral expenses from the departed’s estate is common. This can become particularly difficult, especially when there are other expenses that this money must cover. If you have the necessary funds, it’s helpful to cover the cost beforehand. When you pre-plan your Jewish monument, you’ll find tremendous comfort in knowing that they can finance the other expenses, as well.

Over time, headstone prices can increase due to inflation, as well. Ordering a Jewish headstone in the present will ensure that you don’t fall victim to increased prices later on.

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5. Preparing the Monument

When families have to order a Jewish headstone, it’s generally not prepared by the time of the funeral. This is normal; to create high-quality headstones, most companies require time.

However, with a pre-planned monument, it will be fully prepared by the time of the funeral. While the Jewish headstone may still be obscured as part of the unveiling ceremony, knowing there’s a complete monument there will help your family.


Contact Us to Pre-Plan Your Monument

At Fox Monuments, we’re dedicated to helping families through this difficult time, and creating an enduring, unforgettable memorial. If you’re looking to spare your family the stress and expense of handling these arrangements, then contact our team.

Our team will provide the information you need to make these decisions, and the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve taken care of them. For more information, contact Fox Monuments today.