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Jewish Monument Cleaning

At Fox Memorials, our team of monument creators, and cleaners is committed to providing the highest level of service during this difficult time. Having your loved one’s monument cleaned can remove some of the dirt, lichen, or grass that may have accumulated over the years. Fox Memorials provides professional Jewish monument cleaning services that can restore older headstones to a better condition, and also ensure longevity. Contact us for any need you may have for an existing headstone or monument.

Monument Cleaning Before & After

Professional Cemetery Headstone Cleaning

After exposure to the elements for many years, it’s common for Jewish monuments to slightly deteriorate in appearance. Generally, this occurs as a result of grass clippings, lichen, which may grow on the monument. Many families choose to clean these Jewish monuments to maintain the cleanliness of the headstone. However, if the headstone is chipped or flaking in any areas, then it may first require professional restoration.

Common household chemical cleaning agents intended for granite countertops may be harmful to the headstone. For families who wish to clean headstones independently, we recommend instead using water. Also, refrain from using power washers or wire/metal brushes, and instead use softer materials such as toothbrushes, nylon brushes, and sponges.

Our monument cleaners clean each headstone with the highest level of care to ensure that the inscription, as well as any monument symbols, maintain each minute detail. If you have questions regarding monument cleaning, the appropriate methods or frequency, please feel free to contact our office.

Restoration for Jewish Monuments

When a monument has deteriorated due to weathering or any other factors, professional restoration can improve its longevity. This may be necessary if the headstone has flaked, chipped, or sunk into the ground.

Adding a Base to a Jewish Headstone

Over time, some headstones may gradually sink into the ground due to their weight. This can decrease the size of the monument, and may also obscure the details of the lower part of the headstone inscription. If a headstone is sinking into the ground, Fox Memorials can add a new base to the tombstone.

Adding a new base to a Jewish headstone raises the headstone, and decreases the potential for weathering damage later on. The color of the new base will also match the headstone. This process is done within the cemetery, and does not require full removal or replacement of the existing monument. It also ensures that the epitaph, Hebrew lettering, and any other inscription details are fully visible. These personalized parts of the monument are the most important, and will be the aspects that visitors appreciate the most.

Professional Jewish Monument Cleaning by Fox Memorials

At Fox Memorials, we are committed to helping you memorialize your loved ones with high-quality headstones. Contact us for more information about our headstone cleaning services.