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Unveiling Ceremony

Our packages include a special cloth for the monument to be covered with. Typically, the monument is covered, for at least 30 days after the burial. The Unveiling Ceremony, usually happens around 11 months after death. Most families will wait until 11 months have passed for the ceremony, in some cases it may be done earlier. These decisions are normally made at the Rabbi’s discretion.

During an unveiling ceremony you can expect:

  • Recitation of Psalms.
  • A brief eulogy.
  • The uncovering of the Headstone.
  • The El Maleh Rahamim Prayer.
  • The Mourner’s Kaddish Prayer.

We have a vast knowledge of all Jewish cemeteries rules and regulations in the Long Island, New York area. Please contact us with any question or concerns, you may have with choosing the right location and materials.