Judaism is a religion with unparalleled history and ancient roots. At Fox Monuments, we have spent years providing Long Island with Jewish cemetery monuments and memorials to honor their loved ones. Helping our clients through difficult times is our highest priority.

Whether you wish to have a Jewish double monument inscribed or design an individual headstone, we recognize the importance of faith during times of grief.

There are many different memorial options to choose from when making arrangements for a burial. Jewish headstones feature unique symbols that distinguish them from other faiths.

This post has been updated in September 2019 from its original publish date of May 20th, 2015. It has been edited for consistency and updated information on our services.

5 Common Symbols for Jewish Headstones

1. Menorah

The Menorah is one of two universally recognized Jewish symbols. Moreover, it has great significance to the Jewish people. The Menorah is a candelabrum that supports seven candles, with lit candles in each slot.

The Menorah is a reminder to all Jews of the unity that binds them. Additionally, its beacon of hope to all other nations, which inspires all to share the light of godliness.

On a Jewish headstone, the Menorah represents commitment to their faith throughout their lifetime. Specifically, the Menorah is commonly inscribed on women’s headstones.

2. Star of David

Along with the Menorah, the Star of David is the most recognizable Jewish symbol. It is composed of two equilateral triangles that together create three knots.

The three knots within the star represent Israel, the Holy Land, the Torah and the Holy One. The Star of David was found on King David of Israel’s shield and is also on Israel’s national flag.

Used primarily on the headstones of men, the Star of David is a strong affirmation of one’s belief in Israel as a home for all Jewish people.

Jewish headstone with menorah
jewish monument with torah

3. Torah

The word “Torah” in Judaism has two very similar, but different, meanings. To some, the Torah describes the Jewish books in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. And, to others it comprises the entirety of the stories and teachings of the Jewish faith.

Studying the various texts of the Torah is considered a noble and self-improving practice, one that firmly affixes your roots in the morals of the Jewish faith. Inscribing the Torah on a headstone represents the enormous moral and spiritual growth one has accomplished throughout their lifetime in their pursuit of God’s wisdom.

5. The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, also called the Kabbalah, is a symbol of the path one takes throughout their lifetime in order to reach God. It is regarded as a map of the universe, the creation of the cosmos, and the journey taken through life towards enlightenment.

The Tree of Life placed on Jewish headstones represents the figure at the very center of esoteric Judaism.

6. Two Hands

The symbol of two hands connected at the thumb, but separated at the middle and ring fingers, represents the blessings of the Cohen within the Jewish faith. “Cohen” is the Hebrew term used for priest. The term has biblical roots, and stems from the descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses, who were called “cohen.”

Two hands inscribed on a Jewish headstone is a representation of priesthood or a close relation to a Jewish priest.


Jewish Headstones at Fox Monuments

Having taken these symbols into consideration, whatever your needs may be, at Fox Monuments we can happily collaborate with you to create a fitting and lasting tribute to your loved one with any inscription, symbolic or otherwise, you might require. Contact us for more information.