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Ordering a Jewish Family Monument

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A monument’s purpose is to commemorate an individual. Monuments allow visitors to reflect on pleasant times they shared together. Families choose to celebrate their loved ones by pre-planning a Jewish family monument.


Ordering a Jewish Family Monument

At Fox Monuments, we regularly guide families through this difficult time. Contact our team with any questions or special requests.

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Why Pre-Order a Jewish Family Monument?

For many families, resting close to loved ones is significant. This arrangement offers families the opportunity to journey into the afterlife together, and rest eternally with each other.

Convenient Visitation

Ordering a Jewish family monument offers family members and friends convenient visitation. Instead of visiting several sites or cemeteries, families can have one reflective experience while paying respects.

Religious Reasons

Jewish scripture emphasizes the importance of family, especially during the difficult time of mourning. The entire grieving, burial, and shiva process relies on the support and care of family members. While not a requirement, Jews traditionally rest among family. Purchasing a Jewish family monument allows people to rest together eternally.

Preserving Your Legacy

Jewish family monuments offer a unique way to tell your family’s story, and preserve your legacy. While personalized monuments have similar design options, family monuments take this to the next level. Jewish family monuments tend to be larger than traditional upright headstones. In fact, many span several burial plots.

This larger headstone comes with additional space for further inscriptions. However, this does not include only text. Families may choose to have their crest inscribed, as a way to honor their roots.



Types of Jewish Family Monuments

Depending on the size of the family, there are several different types of Jewish family monuments available. Our Jewish monument artists can create unique and customized headstones, regardless of the complexity’s request.

Family Headstone

Larger headstones can be placed in a burial plot to indicate the place of several members of a family. These larger Jewish memorials are easier to notice as people walk through the cemetery.

Often, family headstones are accompanied by individual footstones. These footstones, or footmarkers, generally list individual details like name, dates, and more.

Double Headstone

Double headstones are a more common option than family headstones, as they are for couples. This burial is a testament to the love and joyous occasions shared through life. Double headstones are often a more economical choice than individual upright memorials, too.

Being buried with a bashert ensures a shared eternal resting place.

How do Family Monuments Work?

While some family monuments are designed to feature minimal details, like the last name, this is not always the case. Others can have detailed inscriptions for each member of the family. Additional details can be easily added later on, without the monument being removed, by a monument artist.