At Fox Monuments, we have been working with Long Island’s Jewish community for decades. Our mission is to help families in the memorial planning process by providing a compassionate service and memorials that honor the Jewish faith. During this tragic time, we know how difficult it can be to feel confident in your decisions or to balance all of your obligations. Therefore, we work everyday to earn the trust and gratitude of the Jewish community, and assure them that we care.  

When searching for a Jewish headstone company, it’s important to consider more than the price or location. Your loved ones deserve a beautiful, fitting monument that will honor your faith and pay tribute to your loved one. At Fox Monuments, we provide monuments in the simplest and most painless way possible. 

Find a Jewish Headstone Company That Can Accommodate You

When purchasing a monument, there are certain variables that signify a reputable and trustworthy company. You need a resourceful and dynamic provider that can accomplish just about everything. Of course, there are many Jewish headstone companies that lack certain skills, are not geographically desirable or misrepresent their services. No matter how much you pre-plan your monument, the wrong company will execute the final product poorly. 

A Beautiful Design That Will Last the Ages

Cemetery craftsmen often lack the skills and talent that private headstone companies have in headstone creation. With a complete staff of artisans with an exquisite attention to detail, our staff can create a beautiful and elegant monument worthy of your loved one.  For example, a high level of detail in headstone inscriptions like the Star of David wouldn’t be possible with a cemetery monument provider. Our inscriptions will appear neater, more legible, and altogether more aesthetically pleasing. We can create a monument that friends and family will appreciate for years to come when they come to visit
jewish headstone

Understanding Regulations and Communicating With Cemeteries

At the beginning of the process, many don’t know about the numerous hyper-specific regulations that cemeteries enforce. When dealing with a cemetery, it can be difficult to understand the regulations that they place on Jewish headstones. In order for the headstone to rest in a cemetery plot, it must fit certain specifications. Because immediate burial is a Jewish tradition, having this dialogue early may be impossible.  When dealing with a professional Jewish headstone company, you will not be inhibited by any of these restrictions. Instead, you can simply relay your wishes to us, and we’ll negotiate with the cemetery on your behalf. We consistently ensure that families can observe their funeral ceremony and burial customs with no interference from the cemetery. 
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Unveiling Ceremony

Having served the Jewish community since 1954, we understand the importance of traditions. For example, the Unveiling Ceremony, which normally takes place one year after death, is crucial to Jewish traditions.  In modern times, though, this process does sometimes take place sooner. To help ease the stress of planning for mourning families, we supply all necessary materials, including headstone veils. The Unveiling Ceremony is a way to reunite friends and family, admire the memorial symbols and honor whoever you lost in a respectful tribute. 

Jewish Headstone Repair and Inscription Services

Beyond ordering a headstone, it’s wise to establish and maintain a relationship with a monument company. At Fox Monuments, we specialize in providing various maintenance services that can improve the appearance of a headstone. If excessive weathering causes damage to the surface, our skilled craftsmen can repair the headstone to its previous condition.  Additionally, we can also add new inscriptions. When a spouse passes away, they may purchase a double headstone with the intention of later having their own information inscribed on it. 

Headstone Cleaning Services

After a long time, the flawless, dazzling elegance of headstones begins to fade. Grass clippings, inclement weather and dirt can all negatively impact a monument. As a result, its appearance suffers severely. And, when people apply cleaners meant for the household, it only exacerbates the problem. Regular monument cleaning is the best way to keep this monument clean, legible and radiant. Our monument cleaners can enhance your Jewish headstone by providing a thorough cleaning and restoring its original beauty. 

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At Fox Monuments, we maintain a commitment to helping all families through this difficult time. Additionally, we’ll work on your behalf to make any arrangements we can and spare you the stress of ensuring your monument meets certain specifications. Ultimately, our respect and adulation for the Jewish faith compels us to provide incomparable services that no Long Island companies can compete with.