grieving family

3 Ways to Protect Loved Ones In Crisis

With exceptional craftsmanship and compassionate service, we do our part to guide mourning families through painful and difficult times. Of course, losing someone we love is many people’s worst nightmare. The Jewish faith exercises countless rites and customs in the face of death, with numerous teachings about enduring loss and stages of mourning. However, in…

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Jewish Monument

Tzedakah: Righteous Giving

The Jewish faith is rich with history, tradition and specific customs. Every religion has their own, singular viewpoints on the topics of death, grieving and memorializing those who pass away. And, Judaism is no exception. As an ancient, prominent world religion, Judaism’s end-of-life and mourning practices have been passed on through countless generations. From placing…

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Jewish headstone with star of david

How To Choose The Right Jewish Headstone Company

At Fox Monuments, we have been working with Long Island’s Jewish community for decades. Our mission is to help families in the memorial planning process by providing a compassionate service and memorials that honor the Jewish faith. During this tragic time, we know how difficult it can be to feel confident in your decisions or…

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hebrew text

5 Common Hebrew Inscriptions for Jewish Headstones

Originally published on December 28, 2018, this post has been updated for relevancy and accuracy. Making arrangements after a loved one passes away is an emotional and stressful process. In addition to notifying friends and family, consulting with the rabbi about memorial services and hosting shiva, family members must also order a Jewish headstone. At…

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All About Chevra Kadisha

Originally posted on September 5, 2019, this post has been edited for relevancy and accuracy. As a leading Long Island provider of Jewish monuments, Fox Monuments is a staff of experts in the history and traditions of celebrating Jewish heritage. The Jewish faith is rich with history, symbols and traditions, and we pride ourselves on…

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Chiune Sugihara – The “Japanese Schindler”

At Fox Monuments, serving Long Island’s Jewish community is a privilege we engage with solemn, consistent respect. Of course, Judaism is a faith rich in history, customs, traditions and cultural significance. There have been numerous defining chapters throughout Jewish history, some triumphant and some tragic. Within the vast history of Judaism, few events are as…

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jewish funeral candles

Shemira: Staying With the Body After Death

Followers of the Jewish faith place significant sentimental value on both human life and, in particular: family. When a family member passes away, a swift, decisive reaction is critical. Of course, it’s equally as essential to pre-plan or commission a Jewish monument quickly. However, often the family won’t uncover the monument until the Yahrzeit (Unveiling…

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Why Do Jews Put Stones on Graves?

The Jewish faith is rich with ancient practices, customs and traditions. There are numerous Jewish rites surrounding each of life’s milestones, from births to weddings to deaths. Each distinctive tradition is a quintessential means of observing the event’s importance. At the same time, they honor one of the world’s foremost faiths. In Judaism, there is…

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elderly woman crying while man comforts her

Finding Strength & Support Throughout Every Mourning Stage

Fox Monuments has proudly served Long Island’s Jewish community for decades. We continuously work hard to provide guidance, support and compassion during exceptionally difficult times of grief. Of course, we’ve done our very best to honor the numerous Jewish customs and traditions surrounding death and burial. Within the history of the Jewish faith, there are many…

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jewish headstones

Traditions For A Jewish Burial

As one of the oldest religions in practice today, Judaism has very specific, ancient burial guidelines. These customs typically begin immediately following the death of a loved one. And they don’t end until the mourning period concludes, following the Unveiling Ceremony. It’s important for people who are adhering to these guidelines, whether by family tradition…

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