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3 Ways to Offer Condolences to a Jewish Loved One

Woman and child standing by grave

Within Judaism, losing someone you love isn’t only about mourning. In addition, this period of bereavement is about reflection, family and faith. At Fox Monuments, we’ve done all we can to provide support and guidance to Long Island’s Jewish community for several decades. Part of our mission is to ease the stress and difficulty of this period in any and every way possible. Our monument services help mourners to honor their loved ones by crafting monuments that honor their lives, legacies and faith.

Of course, Judaism is a religion dating back thousands of years. As a result, there are countless rites and customs governing the loss of a friend or family member during the stages of mourning. For anyone unfamiliar with these traditions, it can leave you feeling unsure of how to offer condolences to someone within the faith. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can express your support to a Jewish loved one in a way that honors their religion.


1. Send Kosher Food & Baskets

A timeless Jewish tradition during times of grief is to provide the mourning family with a Meal of Consolation. Of course, providing a meal to a family mourning the loss of a loved one isn’t strictly limited to Judaism. Nowadays, many families of numerous faiths provide food to any neighbor or family member dealing with a loss.

To ease the family’s stress, the community often provides a meal for them. Therefore, the food, the kindness and the consideration all contribute to the overall impact of the gesture. This simple, but impactful, act of generosity can be an enormous comfort in the aftermath of a profound loss. Of course, when it comes to any food you want to donate, make sure it’s kosher before purchasing or preparing it.


2. Make a Donation

To honor their life, immortalize their name and help a good cause, making a donation in the name of the deceased is a great comfort to their family. Many choose to make donations directly to the synagogue where they worshipped.

Was there was a particular organization, club or charity they were passionate about? You can also choose to donate to them. Ultimately, any generous act in their honor will go a long way towards comforting their family.


3. Plant a Tree in Israel

This isn’t just a popular practice, it’s also a highly appropriate one. Of course, while we agree this can be an incredible gesture, the practicality of it may seem overwhelming. Luckily, several different organizations are in operation that can help you bring this gesture to fruition.

Organizations like the Jewish National Fund and Trees for the Holy Land help anyone looking to plant trees in Israel.

Trees have a special meaning in Judaism. Each year during Tu BiShvat, Jews celebrate the significance of trees within their faith. During this celebration, trees are acknowledged for their ability to sustain life with the fruit they bear. In addition, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life are both central in the Jewish creation stories. Ultimately, planting a tree in Israel is a great way to memorialize someone’s life and honor their faith at the same time.


Conclusion – Fox Monuments

No matter how you choose to express your sympathy, the gesture alone will undoubtedly be appreciated. Simply providing an ear to listen and  willingness to support will go a long way towards helping friends through grief.

Here at Fox Monuments, we’ll continue providing one-of-a-kind Jewish monuments to those looking for an enduring tribute to their loved one.