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At Fox Monuments, our team creates Jewish headstones that honor your loved ones’s lives and legacies. The Jewish cemeteries in the Long Island-metro area have several disparate policies about the types of monuments that they permit. Our consultants will inform you about any specific headstone restrictions in the cemetery that you choose. These restrictions can vary depending on the cemetery, but generally deal with the monument’s size, material, design and shape.


3 Personalization Options for Jewish Monuments

Families often choose to personalize their loved ones’ monuments with details that speak to their individual qualities, and pay homage to them. Ultimately, it’s about representing their finest qualities in a permanent, enduring tribute.


#1 Choose the Monument Style

When purchasing a personalized Jewish monument, the first choice that you should make is the monument style. The size of the monument, as well as the space available for inscription, will vary based on the style. There are three main types of Jewish monuments, though our craftsmen can create any custom size or shape when necessary.

Upright Monument

Upright Jewish monuments are the traditional headstone choice, with the largest space for a personalized inscription available. Because they are the largest, they are also the easiest to identify when visiting the cemetery. This height also makes them more durable than other monuments that are lower to the ground, because they are less vulnerable to weathering. Upright monuments are also the most common choice for double Jewish monuments.


Slant Markers

Slant markers are a great alternative to upright monuments when the cemetery has spacing restrictions. They are smaller than but the same general shape as uprights, but with a bevel toward the top. These personalized Jewish monuments have space for the standard monument details, as well as a brief epitaph, although in a smaller font. You also have the option to decorate them with Jewish symbols.

upright jewish memorial

Flat Markers

Flat markers, also known as foot markers, are the most affordable Jewish monument option. They are also the only personalized monument style permitted by cemeteries with very strict space regulations. These rectangular monuments rest directly on and flush with the ground, rather than sitting above the ground. While there is still space for a detailed inscription, the font will be much smaller than on either of the two above options. Personalized Jewish foot markers are most often used as the primary monument, but can also be used to mark the foot of the grave, with an upright monument at the head.


#2 Choose the Monument Material

After deciding on the style of the Jewish monument, the next step is to select the material.


Granite Jewish Monuments

Granite is the most popular material used for modern Jewish monuments. The quartz in granite monuments makes them highly durable, and more resistant to weathering than other materials. There are also several color options.


Marble Jewish Monuments

After granite, marble is the most popular material used to create Jewish monuments. Marble Jewish monuments are available in black and white. While it was once the most common headstone material, its popularity has declined because it not as durable as granite.


Bronze Jewish Headstone Plaques & Footmarkers

Bronze is not used as a primary material for Jewish headstones and slant markers. However, it is a beautiful choice for headstone plaques. It is also used for footmarkers. The raised lettering and simple cleaning process allow bronze foot markers to maintain their beauty for years.


#3 Choose your Inscription and Epitaph

The Jewish monument inscription generally includes the name, and the birth and death dates. An epitaph, or a thoughtful quote that describes the individual in a meaningful and loving way, can tie the inscription together. Often, the epitaph is a quote from the Torah, a book, or a song.

An epitaph may instead offer inspiring words that put grieving family members at ease. The inscription may also include a description of the individual’s relationship to family members. Our monument artists can also inscribe the custom headstone with Hebrew characters.


Symbols & Emblems

Symbols are a beautiful embellishment that will add visual appeal to the personalized Jewish monument. While our monument artists can add any symbols or emblems to the headstone, these are the most common choices:

  • Menorah
  • Star of David
  • Torah
  • Tree of Life
  • Cohen Hands

We can also include non-denominational symbols that relate to military, fire or police department service, as well as sports teams.


Artwork or Photos

In addition to symbols, we can also use advanced etching technology to exactly duplicate artwork or a photograph. This state-of-the-art laser technology captures every detail of the photo or art for a clear image.

jewish headstone with epitaph   jewish headstones with symbols

Ordering a Custom Jewish Monument from Fox Memorials

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