At Fox Monuments, we consider it our responsibility to help all customers select the headstone that will best commemorate their loved ones. To achieve this, we work tirelessly to fulfill design requests, material selection, and Jewish monument personalization choices. Whether this is an epitaph, or a symbol, we work to make all of these choices a reality. When selecting a Jewish headstone with the best durability, bronze is the best choice. Read on to learn why a bronze Jewish monument will last longer than headstones made of other materials.

What Materials Can I Select From for a Monument?

When designing a monument, this is one of the major decisions that a friend/family member must make. There are three main materials that one can choose from for this headstone.

Bronze Headstones

Bronze is the highest quality headstone material, and tends to have a more elegant appearance.

Granite Headstones

While less durable than bronze headstones, granite headstones are still fairly durable. Thanks to advancements in headstone cutting technology, granite has become more popular than marble.

Marble Headstones

Marble is another common choice for headstone material. Throughout the evolution of memorials, marble has remained a consistent choice. Unfortunately, however, marble headstones require more maintenance than bronze headstones. They are easily eroded, which can have a major impact on the appearance and the lettering.

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Why is Bronze The Best Choice?

Raised Lettering

In a conventional headstone, the lettering is typically etched into the stone. This inscription style is appealing, but may lead to erosion. Because bronze is a metal, it’s impossible to etch the lettering in the same style. So, the lettering is raised, rather than inscribed, meaning that it will be legible forever.

Removable Plates

To allow for alterations to the inscriptions, bronze Jewish headstones utilize removable plates. Headstone inscribers can easily use tools to add new details on marble or granite headstones. The removable plates on bronze headstones make this a possibility. This is important when a headstone is initially created for one person, but must later be altered for a deceased spouse.

Remains Clean

Cleaning a marble or granite headstone is difficult, and rarely possible for family members. To return the headstone to its original condition, it’s best to use a professional cleaning service.

For bronze headstones, though, this is not an issue. Bronze Jewish headstones do not become as dirty as granite and marble, and require less frequent cleaning. Additionally, they are much easier to clean. Either water and a non-ionic detergent or just water are sufficient cleaners.


In terms of its make-up, bronze is predisposed to greater longevity than other materials. It is composed of copper, tin, zinc and lead. So, beyond the advantage of raised lettering, its composition aids in its durability.

Bronze: A More Beautiful Monument

In terms of aesthetic appeal, bronze is unmatched. Because of its metallic sheen, bronze Jewish headstones stand out, especially when surrounded by granite/marble headstones. So, locating a bronze headstone amidst others will be easy.

Finally, the more advanced inscription method allows for more design and style choices.

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At Fox Monuments, we are committed to helping everyone select the ideal monument. From the beginning of the monument selection process to the end, we make ourselves available to support all families. Contact us for more information about Jewish monuments.