Jewish flat markers are the most budget-friendly and space-conscious monument option. They are placed face up in the cemetery plot, and take much less space than standard upright monuments. These flat markers can be personalized with the name, birth and death dates, and a symbol or quote. Jewish flat markers are often the best choice for families looking to bury a loved one in a cemetery with space restrictions.

What is a Jewish Flat Marker?

Jewish flat markers are a beautiful way to commemorate your loved ones. Also called footmarkers, these monuments can be dedicated to one or two people.

These rectangular memorials provide brief snippets of information about the deceased. While they do not have ample room like larger upright monuments, there is plenty of space for a personalized design.

Jewish flat markers are often also used to complement other memorials.

What Are Jewish Flat Markers Made of?

Most Jewish flat markers are constructed with granite, however this is not necessarily the case. Jewish flat markers can also be created with marble and bronze. Bronze is an especially common choice when the foot marker is used with an upright monument.

Personalizing a Jewish Flat Marker

Like other Jewish monuments, flat markers can be personalized with details the following details:

  • Name
  • Birth and death dates
  • Relationships
  • A brief epitaph
  • Icons and imagery
  • Pictures

Our talented monument artists are dedicated to creating beautiful headstones that capture the essence of your loved ones. Feel free to contact us with more specific requests about custom personalized Jewish flat markers.

Choosing a Jewish Flat Marker

Flat markers can be used to both complement existing headstones and be standalone monuments. The latter is a common choice for families burying a loved one in a cemetery with space regulations. Before making arrangements for a loved one, always be sure to inquire about any relevant regulations. Our staff is also happy to reach out on your behalf.